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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 8/16/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Wednesday Night Newsletter…

Quick reminder before we begin…please make sure you’re following me on Rumble!

We’re doing so much over there now that I don’t want you to miss out.

Including currently streaming Mike Lindell’s 2-day live event to save our nation!

Rumble Channel here:

Ok, now let’s hit the top news of the day.

Starting with something that continues to fascinate me:

WATCH: Video Of Extraterrestrial Interrogation Leaked…Real Or Hoax?

What do you think?

This was a new one to me, not sure how I missed it.

And then we had this:

Here’s How Much Crypto President Trump Owns

Very interesting!

No Bitcoin.  A lot of ETH.  But not all ETH….

Then we have this creepiness:

Biden Wants To Eat Ice Cream With Your Kids

And Mike Pence digging the hole deeper:

Mike Pence: “Georgia Election Was Not Stolen”

Mike, this is going to end so badly for you, you should really stop.

History will not remember you kindly, I do not believe.

Next is maybe the funniest thing I’ve ever heard Kari Lake say….

She absolutely savaged Ron DeSantis and I just love it:

Kari Lake: “Ron, use a tissue, please!”

Then we have something that really makes sense:

TRUTH BOMB: “The Argument Of The Pedophile Is Going To Be Backed Up By The LGBT Crusade”

Remember the “Crazy Plane Lady”?

Remember how it all went back to a guy she thought “wasn’t real”?

Well, today we find out who that was:

UPDATE: New Police Bodycam Footage Shows The Man “Crazy Plane Lady” Thought Wasn’t Real

And do you remember this?

Wonder if he found it all in the basement of Building 7?

FLASHBACK: Donald Rumsfeld The Day Before 9/11: “We Can’t Account For a Missing $2.3 Trillion…”

And we end with our top story…

An absolutely surreal and favorite moment of mine — sitting down to chat with Superman himself.


EXCLUSIVE: My Conversation With SUPERMAN Himself, Dean Cain

Ok, I gotta run!

See you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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