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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 8/17/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Thursday night Newsletter.

Oh what a day we had!

Can’t wait to show you all we have tonight…..

Starting with this:

Meet “Robert L. Peters”

Joe, you’ve joined an elite group consisting of Pierre Delecto and Zaza Demon.

You must be so proud!

And you might have thought Project Veritas collapsed several months ago, but they strung it along until now.

Looks like the collapse is now just about finished:

BREAKING: Project Veritas Collapses — “Hannah Giles Just Fired Us All”

Hannah who?

Then we had this stunner:

Top Chess Federation Bans Transgender “Women”

As you let the reality of that set in, I’m sure you will have exactly the same question I had.

Say what now?

Anyone have a good explanation for why this is even a thing?

Next we go to Maui and a story that we are NOT letting go.

No way.

We’re all over this and it’s only getting worse the more we dig:

Maui Emergency Operations Chief Gives ABSURD Reason For Not Sounding The Sirens

This guy is a piece of 💩 if you ask me!

So is red shirt guy.

Cowards, all of them!

Inept cowards, and that’s a really bad combination!

The only thing worse would be CORRUPTION, and that remains to be seen here.

But if it comes out that this was in fact planned or coordinated and an intentional destruction, I can tell you people are going to REVOLT in the streets!

We will continue to monitor.

Next up is something I’ve been watching for a long time, and I’d love to know what you think:

The Coming Great Deception — Has It Already Started?

And one more that is sure to generate a lot of discussion:

Why The Earth CAN’T Be Old!

I found that absolutely fascinating!

Over 100 proofs for why it can’t be old.


Next we go to Jonathan Cahn who once again takes what is hidden in plain sight and makes it SO obvious:

Jonathan Cahn and The Mystery Of Barbie, Ishtar, and Smashed Babies!

Wow….show that to all your friends and family!

Brand new interview from President Trump and it’s really good:

President Trump’s Full Interview With Larry Kudlow

Next we have to laugh a bit….and these are totally cracking me up!


HILARIOUS New Trump Meme Videos Are Cracking Me Up!

We end with our top story, Mike Lindell.

Mike promised us something huge today and he delivered.

The plan to save our elections unveiled here:

Mike Lindell DELIVERS: Plan To Save Elections Unveiled — “Can Be Live By Friday Morning!”

And speaking of Mike, he’s also got you covered here….while it lasts:

New Deals At MyPillow’s “Clearance and Overstock Sale” – Up To 80% Off 42 Can’t Miss Items!

Ok, that’s a wrap!

See you tomorrow.

Your friend,



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