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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 8/17/22



Hey everyone,

Noah here and we have another day with a TON to show you!

So buckle up!

Ok, first we start with a real beauty:

“Hey Alexa, When’s The President’s Birthday?”

How awesome is that?

Next up is NOT awesome…in fact, it’s very troubling.

It honestly troubled me to even watch this, but I have to report the news and the truth wherever I find it…

I have to shine light on darkness…

So here you go:

APPALLING: Building An Alter To A “Sacred” Abortion Experience…

I mean, that’s Biblical!

And by Biblical, I mean mostly the enemies of Israel in the Old Testament who sacrificed their babies alive to Moloch.


Moving on, it’s now confirmed that the FBI conducted an illegal raid:

CONFIRMED: The DOJ Now Admits The FBI Improperly Seized Trump’s Property!

And the CDC just admitted it failed, but that’s not good news.

I explain why here:

CDC Failed — Announces Massive Restructure To Fix “Shortcomings”

This next one is really something you’d think would come from The Onion.

Except…it’s real.

Look at their faces, they can’t even believe they are doing this.

They all know it’s wrong.  Very, very wrong!


Militarized IRS? Recruitment Videos Show Potential Trained Agents Armed & Making Arrests

And probably my favorite story next…

Dr. Oz, who I think we should start calling Mehmet Oz, and stop honoring the “Dr” part, is a total moron.

A disconnected, elitist, moron and he proved it again today.

I didn’t even know this was a word, but he thought this was a good idea?

I don’t think this guy has ever set foot in a grocery store in his life, probably has his slaves (errrrr, I mean “servants” errrrrr I mean “employees” do the shopping for him).

He doesn’t even appear to know the name of the store he’s in, calling it “Wegners” which does not exist.

There is a Wegmans and a Redners but not a Wegners.

But that wasn’t the gaffe….

No, for that you just need to see this:

Dr. Oz Goes Viral For Boneheaded “Crudité” Video

Told you from Day 1, this guy is a loser and bad news!

Then we have huge news in the first-of-its-kind settlement for COVID terminations:

BREAKING: $10.3M Settlement Reached In First COVID Vaccine Mandate Lawsuit Of Its Kind


Now many more can follow!

And a big shoutout to realTT20202 on TruthSocial for posting this video which you HAVE to see:

EXPOSED: They Knew About The Pandemic and Vaccine Way Back At The 2012 Olympics!

They knew all the way back then.

These people plan things FAR in advance.

So evil.

And we end with our top story…

You know things are bad when one of your top donors suddenly gets redpilled and says enough with the DemocRat party:

Mega Democrat Donor: “This Is The Most Dangerous Vaccine Ever Created By Man!”

I keep telling you….EVERYONE is waking up!

Your friend,



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