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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 8/18/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Friday night Newsletter.

We start tonight with something we told you would eventually happen, and until even recently seemed impossible…

And yet it’s happened TWICE now in two weeks.

Here’s the latest:

CNN’s Jake Tapper: “Trump Was Right”

Then we go to Oliver Anthony who continues to surprise and impress:

Oliver Anthony Shoots down $8mil Deal – “I don’t want to be in the spotlight”

This guy is the real deal.

I’ve only found ONE guy who doesn’t like him.

A true Red Ass loser:

Meet The ONE Man Who Doesn’t Like Oliver Anthony

And speaking of losers:

Is The DOJ “Blackmailing” Republican Leadership?

Then we had this flashback today, which I was reminded of in researching a different fire (Maui):

FLASHBACK: Was Anne Heche Murdered?

Next up is one of the things I get asked about more than most anything else….


I’ve got you covered right here:

Be Prepared for the Next Crisis With An Emergency Medications Kit (Ivermectin, Amoxycilin, Z-Pack and More)

I cannot promise how long that will be available until they run out, so grab some now if you want.

You know they’re going to try and pull Planned-demic 2.0 before 2024, right?

And today we got this answer:

Trump Reveals Whether He Will Attend Presidential Debate On August 23rd

I 100% agree….

Right choice!

You do know that’s exactly what Ronald Reagan did, right?

Then we have this:

Boeing Pilot Dies Mid Flight, Emergency Landing Activated

Another one?

So scary to fly right now.

And an update from Maui….can you believe this clown resigned?

Maui Emergency Chief Who REFUSED To Activate Sirens RESIGNS

Was he just incompetent or complicit?

Time will tell.

And we end with our top story.

We are NOT sitting back passively….

We are NOT just hoping for the best….

We’re taking action and reclaiming ground!

Will you join us?

That’s a wrap for tonight.

See you tomorrow.

Your friend,



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