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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 8/2/22




Hey everybody!

Noah here a few minutes early with tonight’s Newsletter.

We just had a flurry of news come in late in the day and now I’m excited to get it out to you in this report.

Let’s jump right in, starting with this:

FLASHPOINT’s January 7, 2021 Episode Breaks It Wide Open!

Yes, that IS Hank Kunneman and yes I am posting about him.

Him and others.

So you know it must be important because we stopped our coverage of Hank almost a year ago.

Read the report in the link above to see why I felt it was important enough to put him at the top of this Newsletter tonight.

That story, believe it or not, ties in directly to our next one:

EXPOSING The TRUTH About 9/11 (In Their Own Words)

As I always say, we seek the truth and we publish it wherever we find it!

Next we move to a very troubling story in China:

China Vows To “Fight To The Death” — Amasses Tanks On Border

And speaking of troubling, this is horrible:

(WATCH) Teenage Pro-Life Activist Allegedly Attacked While Knocking on Doors to Speak with Kansas Voters

You’re gonna love this next one…

Did you know John Durham wasn’t the lead attorney on the Sussmann case?

It’s true.

But things just changed big time, details here:

John Durham Takes The Lead, 30 Subpoenas Issued!

And if you saw this story floating around today and were confused by it, I give some clarity here.

My thoughts:

Why Were All Trump Phones Wiped?

Next up, please say yes:

Is Paul Pelosi Going To Prison?

And we end with our top story…

It’s our top story because it’s my FAVORITE story of the day and best video you will see all day.


JUSTICE: “He Shot My Arm Off!”

That’s a wrap!

See you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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