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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 8/3/22



Hey friends!

Noah here, how are you?

What a day!

We’ve been tracking the election results all day long and it still stuns me to say some votes are still being counted over one day later.

Yeah, we’ve all seen this movie before and we DON’T LIKE how it ends!

So that’s where we start tonight.

If you’re like me, you want the update on Kari Lake and I have it for you.

FoxNews just screwed it up live on the air, but I’ve got the true report right here:

Kari Lake WON, Now We Just Have To #StopTheSteal [Election Update]

Sticking with Kari Lake, this is why we love her…

Go Kari:

Kari Lake Responds to Meghan McCain Insults: “This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Arizona”

Love that!

I also love a new term I heard today:  KARI-ZONA!

How good is that?


And staying on the election, would you imagine this:

BREAKING: 63,000 Mail-In Ballots Sent to Wrong Voters in Strongly-Republican Pinal County, Arizona

In spite of all the fraud and cheating, President Trump’s endorsement is so powerful it is overcoming all of it.

Check this out:

TRUMP CARD: President Trump’s Endorsements “Ran the Entire Board” in Yesterday’s Primaries


Oh my friends, 2024 is going to be FUN!

So are the midterms!

Speaking of showdowns, a wonderful update next from our good friend Julie Green:

Julie Green: A Mighty Showdown Is Coming!

And she’s an Iowan, so what’s not to love?

You rock Julie!

Sad news to report next:

INVESTIGATION OPENED: Republican House Rep. Jackie Walorski, 2 Staffers, Killed By Head-On Collision

And no, we have NOT forgotten about this story…

Nor will we let them off the hook.

We end with our top report:

What’s Inside the Pfizer and Moderna ‘Vaccine’ Vials?

Ok, I’ll see you back here tomorrow for more updates.

Your friend,



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