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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 8/20/22



Hey everyone,

Noah here with everything you may have missed today if you weren’t paying attention!

Starting with some very suspicious and sad deaths:

MLB Star Hospitalized with ‘Shortness of Breath’


10-Year-Old Cheerleader Suddenly Dies of Brain Aneurysm


49-Year-Old Super Bowl Champion Dies Suddenly While Riding Bicycle

So sad to see all of this!

I hate reporting on these.

Now let’s shift to exposing Nancy Pelosi and her drunk husband:

Millions in PPP Loans Received by Companies Tied to Paul Pelosi Forgiven

Sorry, that was bad reporting.

Correction: they are BOTH drunks!

And oh my, this is really something but I suspect you may approve once you read the details:

JUSTIFIED? Woman Chops Off “Boyfriend’s” Penis

Mike Lindell opened up a big sale today, so if you need anything now is the time:

Here Are The Links To The Best Discounts At MyPillow — Limited Time Only

And he’s having a big conference this weekend that we’ll report on tomorrow.

This is very suspicious, no way they could just “guess” all of this in advance:

The X-Files Predicted The Pandemic and mRNA!

Also, did anyone know the X-Files was still on TV in 2016?

I thought it went off the air in about 2000?

And we end with my personal favorite, a full report and interview with Mark Taylor who finally returned to my show!

Mark is a real favorite and we get requests on a weekly basis to have him back on the show.

We finally connected and made it happen and it is one you truly don’t want to miss.


Mark Taylor Returns To My Show! “Trump Will Still Serve a Second Term!”

It’s generating a lot of discussion too, so I’d be interested to hear what you think!

Mark is one of the best and it was truly my pleasure to have him back on.

We’ll do it again soon.

Ok, that’s a wrap for tonight, see you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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