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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 8/19/22



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Friday night Newsletter!

Let’s get right into it…

Starting with what I believe will be one of the most epic counter-punches of all time:

President Trump: Major Strike Back Coming After Mar-A-Lago Raid

Can’t wait!

And if you missed this a few weeks ago, I am reposting because it is SO good!

I’m also reposting because all of the videos were deleted.

That’s right, I have no idea why or how but they were all wiped clean.

I’ve now added them back in so you can watch but that is VERY strange:

“Heavenly Trump” Wins Thanks To An “Act of God”! [Video Fixed]

And then we have Bill and Hill and they have never looked worse…

Almost like their a-chrome ran out?

See for yourself:

Bill and Hillary Spotted On The Beach…And They Look Terrible!

Then we have Joe Biden who can’t possibly support a wall to protect America, but he needs a $500,000 fence for his beach house!

Definitely gotta have that:

LOOK: Biden’s New $500K Fence!

This next one is a major bombshell that no MSM outlet is touching:

FBI Agent Admits Destroying Evidence to Frame Pro-Trump Political Prisoner

Good thing you have us!

That story should infuriate every single American!

That is something straight out of the KGB or more like Stalin or Hitler.

Definitely not American!

Then we have huge arrests from Ron DeSantis in Florida:

DeSantis Announces the Arrest of 20 Individuals for Voter Fraud in Florida

And what do we have here?

Paul Pelosi and Hollywood Celebs Have Millions In PPP Funds Forgiven and Wiped Clean!

Anyone care to explain to me why these people should receive millions scot-free?


Makes me sick.

Ok that’s a wrap for one day.

See you back here tomorrow,



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