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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 8/22/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Tuesday Night Newsletter…

Quick reminder once more that we are under severe Censorship Attack right now and I could really use your help.

It’s easy, and a big “thank you” in advance for your assistance…

Yahoo Mail and AOL Mail are almost completely censoring us.

Sometimes the email doesn’t even go to their Junk, it’s just deleted.

Like we never existed.

My inbox has been flooded recently with people saying they aren’t getting this newsletter in their email.

“Why did you stop sending your Newsletter?”  (I got 15 of those just today!)

I didn’t.

It’s just being censored.

And like I said above, most people can’t even find it in Junk/Spam/Promotions folders either.

Just gone — poof!

Kind of like what they do to Republican voter ballots.

But we can fight back here.

I need your help with two things please…

Even if you’ve never had a problem with my email arriving to your inbox, I need your help especially!


Because only the people reading this will ever get this message.

A real chicken & egg problem.

Here’re the first thing I need you to do…

I need you to search your email, especially Junk/Spam/Promotions tabs, and find anything from me (search for: [email protected]).

Every single email you find, even if they’re old, mark them as Not Junk!

Each time you do that, it sends a message to the email companies saying you like my email and want to receive it.

If you do it for every single email of mine you find, and if thousands of you all do it, we should be the Al-Gore-Rhythms and they will be forced to start delivering our emails honestly.

That’s #1.

Please take a moment to do it right now.

#2 – please add my email address ([email protected]) to your address book and whitelist it.

That also helps a lot.

Last, #3 please remember this: if you ever don’t receive my email, you can always find this Newsletter at

Right there at the top of the homepage, organized by date.

In fact, I recommend you bookmark it.

Remember, I send a Newsletter every single day (I miss 1-2 days a year, max), so if you don’t get one it means they’re messing with us and we must have printed too much truth that day.

Thanks again!

Ok, now on with today’s news.

Starting with this stunner:

Is That John Fetterman or a Body Double? Can You Pass This Test?

They are just laughing at anyone who buys this!

Really guys?

Budget running a little low?

That’s the best you could do?

Looks nothing like him!

Looks a lot more like Walter White than it does John Fetterman.

Gotta love this next one:

VIDEO: NBC’s Chuck Todd in Full-Blown MELTDOWN Over Trump’s Strong Support, Biden’s ‘Hillary-Like’ Numbers

I love the one quote in that clip: “Maybe abortion will bail him out!”

What a ludicrous statement….

Maybe the fact he loves killing babies will get more people to vote for him?

Sick stuff, it’s why I can’t really stomach watching NBC or CNN.

Then we go to Hawaii and we see what FEMA is doing with our tax dollars:

FEMA Officials Staying in $1,000 Per Night Luxury Hotel Rooms

I mean, that’s MILDLY better than just sending the money over to Ukraine, but not by much!

Why in the Hell do we even pay taxes to these people?


Speaking of taxes, I told you this guy might be a wolf in sheep’s clothing:

Vivek Ramaswamy Supports Massive Tax?

And we end with our top story…

Sure does seem to be a lot of coincidences recently:

Another Fire, Another Planned ‘Smart City’?

And a lot of fires!

Ok, that’s all for tonight.

See ya back here tomorrow.

And make sure you are following me on Rumble!

Rumble Channel here:

Your friend,



A couple weeks ago I interviewed Pepe Deluxe.

Many of you likely know him.

It was a blast.

Watch here:

My Exclusive Interview With Pepe Deluxe!


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