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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 8/23/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Wednesday night Newsletter.

We start with the Debates….

Ahhhh, just kidding!

Of course we don’t!

We start with Tucker and Trump…

Mainstream Media doesn’t get views like this sometimes even for the Super Bowl, and Tucker and Trump just did it in less than one hour:

RIP Fox.

So sad.

If you want to add to that number, you can watch right here:

Then we go to Russia…

Remember a few weeks ago when that Wagner Group (allegedly) tried to overthrow Putin?

Today they are all (reportedly) dead:

“Vlad Luck” for Anti-Putin Insurrection Leader

Next we have a big one…

And don’t ever say I haven’t been warning you:

Top U.S. Banks Downgraded!

Then we have Vivek and I gotta tell you I’m just not getting good vibes from this guy.

Too slick…

Too used-car-saleman-y….

Too much Obama 2.0:

Vivek Ramaswamy Caught in Lie About Soros Scholarship?

And why isn’t this going viral everywhere?

Should be front page news and EVERY SINGLE J6 prisoner of war should be released on the spot!

NEW J6 VIDEO: “Undercover Cop” Cutting Fences Towards Capitol Building!

And then we have our top story….

Charming people, all of them, I’m sure:

Biden’s America: All-Out Brawl at Florida Chicken Wing Restaurant After 5 Women Clog Toilet

See ya tomorrow.

Your friend,



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