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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 8/4/22



Hey friends!

Noah here, and what a report I have for you tonight…

48 hours after the Arizona election and they still can’t count the last 15% of the votes.

The corruption is now on display for the entire country to see and even “normies” are waking up.

Here’s the latest update as fencing and blockades are now going up around the Maricopa County headquarters:

STOP THE STEAL: Maricopa County Now Erecting COVERED Fences Around Headquarters!

Yeah, because that’s totally normal…

And speaking of not normal, could this guy be any more unlikeable?

No one is going to fall for this Dick:

Dick Cheney Releases Ad for Liz: There is No “Greater Threat” Than Donald Trump

He just LOOKS mean and ugly…

Oh hey, remember when he shot that guy on the hunting trip?

What ever happened there?

And this story is breaking wide open:

“Ray Epps Recruited Me”: J6 Prisoner Writes Tell-All Letter That Debunks the “Official” J6 Narrative

The entire FBI needs to be dismantled at this point…

Enemy of the people!

Here’s more:

“Definitive Proof” FBI is Covering-Up Critical Footage of J6 “Pipe Bomber”

And this is huge, no MSM is covering…

11 Adults in Scotland Arrested for Demonic ‘Paedo Ring’ Which Raped and Assaulted Multiple Children, Witchcraft and Killed Animals

I wonder if this is related to those Hampsted kids?

And we end with a story that is sure to open a few eyes…

Can you tell?

DEEP FAKED: Can You Tell Which Obama Is Real?

That’s a wrap for tonight.

You’re living in crazy times, but truth and justice WILL prevail.

We’ll keep you informed along the way.

Your friend,



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