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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 8/6/22



Hey friends!

Noah here with your Saturday night Newsletter!

We start with a prophetic message you really can’t deny:

PROPHETIC: Two Lightning Strikes, Message Cannot Be Missed

Next up, I’ve been hearing from a lot of you who lost OANN this week.

Here’s the full report and the solution for how to get it back:

DirecTV and Verizon Both Just Banned Them…

Big warning on the coming food shortages…

Are you and your family prepared and safe?

Here’s what you can do if not:

Senator Warns Farmers Can’t Harvest Crops, Massive “Food Shortages” Are Coming

Awesome update today from Julie Green, plus my thoughts:


And I know this next one will ruffle some feathers from people who had a father or grandfather in the local Masonic Lodge, or a grandmother in the Eastern Star.

Low levels probably know nothing and are good people.

But these are NOT good organizations and I have to expose the truth:

Exposing The Freemasons…

Next up is actually something that surprised even me.

These people are so corrupt not much surprises me anymore, but the fact that THIS is their new report is beyond anything I ever would have expected:

Here’s Why The FBI Thinks YOU Are A “Violent Extremist”

Your thoughts?

Next up, a couple big prophetic updates…

First from Tim Sheets:

Tim Sheets Gives Update On Supernatural Turnaround | U-Turns!

And next from Timothy Dixon on Nancy Pelosi:

Prophetic Word for Nancy Pelosi: Judgment Is Coming To You!

That is really good!

Next we take this moment to announce the biggest sale Mike Lindell has ever had on full mattresses.

Plus my thoughts on my personal experience:

Amazing Deal On MyPillow Mattresses (Foam And Two-Sided Encased Coil Quilted Mattresses) — 50% Off!

This next one is a stunner even from Nancy…

And what is that flag Nanc?

I don’t see any stars?

YOU DECIDE: Nancy Pelosi Has Perhaps Her Dumbest Quote Yet

And then we have a story that was initially denied and labeled “conspiracy theory” and is now proven true.

From Russia:

BREAKING: Russian MIL Declares Ukraine The Origin of COVID-19!

And we end with our top story…

From CPAC:

CPAC 2022 Presidential Straw Poll Results Just Revealed

You agree?

Who you got?

I’ll see you back here tomorrow for the weekend wrap up!

Your friend,



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