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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 9/10/22



Hey friends,

Noah here…how are you?

Hope you’ve had a great weekend so far.

Mine has been wonderful with family but we’ve also been hard at work covering the news you likely missed today.

All the stuff they didn’t want you to see.

So let’s just get right into it…

Starting with some GREAT news:

160 Arrested in Florida Sex Trafficking Sting, Includes Cop and Disney Employee

At least two victims of child sex trafficking RECOVERED!

So much to celebrate here.

Disney huh?

You don’t say…

Moving on to a story we covered last night but has now been updated.

It’s gone from 35 to 50:

UPDATE: Up to 50 Trump Supporters Raided by FBI

Very troubling…

You do see where this is going right?

Eventually if they are not stopped they will continue on until they hit every Trump VOTER!

It’s the only way they can win….threats and intimidation.

Extremely concerning.

Stay the course my friends, because we are RIGHT!

History will prove us right.

And speaking of right, here’s another big one we were just proven right on:

Doctors Declare COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’ Injuries International Health Crisis

Nothing more important than your health.

And your FAMILY’S health.

We can proudly say we warned you from Day 1.

I have no way of knowing, but I believe in my heart our reporting and warnings may have saved thousands of lives.

And hey, here’s ANOTHER one we were right about…

We sided with Mike Lindell early on, and those that took the opposite side, well, here’s how they are doing:

Wayfair’s Stock Is Down Over 80% Since They Canceled MyPillow — Now They’re Issuing More Debt

Thanks to everyone who has joined us along the way and supported Mike and MyPillow!

👉 Always use promo code WLT to unlock the maximum savings!

Then we have a wild one that broke today…

Ivanka as VP?

Trump responded quickly:

RUMORS SWIRLING: Ivanka As Vice President?

Back to the poison vaxx for a minute, the Frontline Doctors have released some HOPE!

Please share this with anyone who may need to see it:

BREAKING: FrontLine Doctors Publish “Post-Vaccine Treatment Protocol”

And speaking of viruses and emergencies, looks like they are trying AGAIN to get a replacement for the C19…

They tried Monkeypox and that didn’t work.

So here’s the latest:

New York Governor Kathy Hochul Declares State of Emergency Over ANOTHER Virus

Wait, I thought we eradicated that 50 years ago?

Just another MSM lie?


And we end with our top story…

This is not fake or exaggerated.

And the pictures are real.

Take a look and then we explain what’s going on:

EXPLAINED: Why Does “King” Charles Have Sausage Fingers?

But seriously, have you ever seen fingers like that in your life?

Why are they so short and stubby?

Let alone bloated.

This man is not long for this world I suspect.

The results of inbreeding? 😬

Ok, I’d better wrap it up here before I really get rolling…

But I’d love to hear YOUR thoughts on the topic.

Oh, and a bonus before I go…

I saw this one today and I just loved it.

Couldn’t be more perfectly said, don’t you think?

Feel free to share it if you want:

See you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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