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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 9/11/22



Hey friends,

Noah here and I hope you’ve had a wonderful Sunday!

I am so excited to bring you our Newsletter tonight….it’s loaded up more than usual.

That ok with you?

Couple bonus articles in here because it was a huge day.

We start with two of the most heartwarming videos you’ve seen recently.


MUST SEE: Fans Take Over The National Anthem During 9/11 Game

Memo to the NFL: you finally got one right, don’t screw it up!

We want more of this and less woke-BS!

Remember with Colin K. actually protested this?

How bad does that look now?

And the second is equally good:

FLASHBACK: The Heartwarming Time President Trump Hired a Woman From The Crowd!

Absolutely incredible.

The contrast between this man and Joe Biden could not be more start.

In terms of heart, cognitive function, and really everything…

Don’t you agree?

Next up we have Timothy Dixon with a really big update:

Timothy Dixon: FOUR Presidential Elections Will Be Overturned + FBI

Next up is something truly horrific…

It would be bad if it happened to anyone, let alone a mother while he kids were in the car:

Young Mother Has Head SEVERED by Samurai Sword in Bay Area, California Attack

Oh wait, I know….


Got it!

Speaking of some violent situations, who was in the right here?

Chicago Justice? Man Sucker Punches Another Man and Instantly Regrets it…

Love to get your thoughts.

And a major update from America’s Frontline Doctors:

“Post-Vaccine Treatment Protocol” RELEASED By America’s Frontline Doctors!

Since it’s Sunday, we bring you a wonderful Gospel message.

This one could not be more timely or appropriate…

Love to get your thoughts.

From our good friend Pastor Robb:

SUNDAY MESSAGE: Fighting The Spirit of Oppression

And an update from Tucker on the shortages:

Tucker On Elites: “They Seem To Make Things Worse On Purpose” (VIDEO) — Ways To Prepare

Our most viewed story of the day is next…

This man is probably speaking for millions:

A Heartfelt Vaccinated Apology to the Unvaccinated: “I’m Sorry!”

And in case you didn’t hear already, today was 9/11….

We covered it twice.


#NeverForget…Building 7

And second:

NEVER FORGET: Donald Rumsfeld On The Day Before 9/11: “We Can’t Account For a Missing $2.3 Trillion…”

Then we have Mike Lindell with an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour that you are not going to want to miss.


MUST SEE: Mike Lindell Gives Behind-The-Scenes Tour of His GIANT MyPillow Warehouse!

And we end with our top story…

Pro-MAGA candidates are suddenly surging all over the country.

Imagine that!

Almost like America loves them…you don’t say!

So happy to share this update from GA:

Georgia: Herschel Walker Surges in Poll Against Far-Left Raphael Warnock

Ok, that’s a wrap.

I told you we were loaded up today!


See ya back here tomorrow, I’m sure it will be a big day, Mondays always are!

Your friend,



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