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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 9/12/22



Hey friends,

Noah here with your Monday evening Newsletter.

How are you?

Good start to the week?

Mine was great, but as always the highlight of my day is getting to bring you this report to wrap it all up.

We start with a couple fun ones…

Remember “Jaywalking” with Jay Leno?

This had the same vibes and I think you’re gonna LOVE the answers:

JAYWALKING: “Do you think the 2020 election was rigged…”

And how bad is this?

Even for Joe…

Watch the short clip:

DERP! Joe Biden Can’t Figure Out How To Get Offstage…

This man should be removed from office for senility, if not for Election Fraud.

Speaking of Frauds, even the NY Post is now coming right out and saying it:

NY POST Expose: “The FBI Knew RussiaGate Was A Lie…”

This was a huge post by them, and I am so encouraged to see it!

Ready for more Stimmy Checks?

They can’t wait to keep sending them out…

See if you qualify here:

Blue State Announces New Stimulus Checks Coming!

Major story today was President Trump suddenly arriving in D.C. unannounced.

Libs foamed at the mouth thinking he was going to be indicted.

Others (like me) think something much bigger is going on.

The official story?

Read that here:

President Trump Reveals Why He’s in DC Area, Will Anger Democrats

But if you believe that’s all there was too it, then I have an Igloo to sell you in South Georgia…

Oh and then we have this…

Dear old Angela Merkel.

KGB ties, huh?

How about genetic ties to Hitler?

Just look at their damn faces!

Anyway, it’s all in here:

Merkel’s KGB Background Revealed

Bottom line?

Not a good dude.

Not by a longshot.

And we end with our top story: the LHC is shutting down, at least temporarily.

Very interesting:

BREAKING: Large Hadron Collider Shutting Down, To Go “Idle”

As always, I’d love to get your thoughts!

Oh, and in case you missed it, our top story of the week so far:

Timothy Dixon: FOUR Presidential Elections Will Be Overturned + FBI

Receiving so much good feedback on this one.


Your friend,



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