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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 9/19/22



Hey friends,

Noah here with some big breaking news…

But before we get to that I have to start with something really fun!

A reader of this Newsletter (Kim — last name withheld for privacy) sent me this photo where she met Bo Polny at an event last week.

Great picture Kim!  And you’re looking good too Bo!

And yes, I got her permission to share this.

And speaking of Bo, we are now only 5 days away from the major date he has been watching.

Details here in case you’ve missed it:

Bo Polny: We’re FIVE Days Away!

Ok, now let’s hit the news…

Starting with a little event that was barely covered today, not even sure if you saw it?

The Queen’s burial was today, and while 5.5 BILLION people in the world were watching all the pomp and circumstance NONSENSE (literally millions upon millions wasted for this event), my attention was on something else.

My attention was on the occult, Masonic ceremony that was occuring.

Details here:

FOLLOW UP: The Masonic Burial Of The Queen

Do not be deceived.

These are NOT good people.

And this was NOT a church service.

And they do NOT worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who’s son is Jesus Christ.

They have a very different ‘”god”…

Anyway, enough of that for now but sure to save that article so you are not caught unaware.

Next up:

Chinese Biotech Firm Purchases 1,400 Florida Acres for Quarantine Facility

That looks horrific.

Those are not quarantine facilities, those are DEATH CAMPS!

Being built while the world stops and watches.

And what is going on here?

BREAKING: Texas Sheriff Opens Criminal Investigation Into Gov. Ron DeSantis

Then we have this…

Another vaxxident?

Pilot of Boeing Aircraft Suddenly Dies During Flight

You may have missed this next one, but it was really wonderful and I wanted to share it with you.

Two great men.

Two great patriots.


President Trump’s Interview With Jon Voight

And speaking of Jon Voight, don’t miss this one:

MUST SEE: Jon Voight Exposes Hollywood Elites

Thank you for speaking out Jon!

Then we have a big update from Mike Lindell:

Mike Lindell Fights Back — Will Sue FBI — “My First, Fourth And Fifth Amendment Rights Were Broken” (VIDEO)

And we end with our top story…

What do they know?

You’d better believe they all know a LOT more than you and me.

It’s a big club and they’re all in it — and you and me are not.

But we can watch what they do.

The world is flashing big, giant red CAUTION, CAUTION signs right now:

Major U.S. Retailers Cancel BILLIONS in Orders – What do They Know?

Make sure you are ready and you’re not caught off-guard.

September could get really ugly really quick, especially if Bo Polny turns out to be right.

And reading that last article it sure looks like he might be right.  Again.

Time will tell.

Wow….told you it was a big report tonight!

See you back here tomorrow!

Your friend,



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