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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 9/20/22



Hey friends,

Noah here with your Tuesday Night Newsletter…sorry this is so late tonight!

We start with something that still has me laughing:

Greg Gutfeld Has Hilarious Sign Off – Stuns Bret Baier

Gotta love GG.

Then we move to something much more serious…

Bo Polny has been coming on my show warning you about September 24, 2022 for over a year.

And then today I see this happened:

Germain Parliament: “You Will Remember Where You Were On September 24, 2022”

Oh my…

All I can say is be extremely on guard.

It could be very serious.

Next we move to something much more lighthearted any funny.

Amazing job my Maze for putting this together, I’m still laughing and it gets funnier each time you watch:

Biden. Trump. Together on 60 Minutes.

Another bad day for Don the Lemon:

Don Lemon Gets History Lesson After Calling for Reparations

And you gotta love how even Martha’s Vineyard residents are turning on The Biden:

Based Martha’s Vineyard Residents Bash Biden Administration, Praise DeSantis for Sending Migrants

Speaking of creeps, this guy does not quit:

WATCH: Permanent Climate Lockdowns Coming Soon?

Timothy Dixon…

Robin Bullock…

Jonathan Cahn…

What more could you ask for?

Don’t miss this:

Dixon, Bullock and Cahn: “We Asked For Two Things…”

And speaking of Robin Bullock, I was blown away by his Eleventh Hour today.

Did you catch it?

My thoughts here:

Robin Bullock Explains How Genesis Is Replaying Itself RIGHT NOW!

And back to Jonathan Cahn, he is also talking about the Genesis 6:4 connection.

Funny how we’ve been talking about Genesis 6:4 for over 5 years.

When we first started, almost no one understood.

People laughed and mocked.

But now Robin Bullock and Jonathan Cahn and many others are all talking about it at the same time.


Because it’s all playing out right in front of your eyes on the world stage.

Details here:

Jonathan Cahn Update: The Return of the Gods!

And we end once again with our top story…

Things are about to get VERY ugly it seems:

GLOBAL COLLAPSE: Major U.S. Retailers Suddenly Cancelling Billions Of Dollars Of Orders…

What do they know?

A lot more than you and me, that’s for sure!


Because they plan it all!

Ok, that’s a wrap for tonight.

Catch you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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