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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 9/3/22



Hey friends,

Noah here with your Saturday night Newsletter and oh what a day it was!

We start, of course, with the MASSIVE and historic Trump Rally in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

If you missed it, I have the links where you can watch for free right here:

Here’s How To Watch The Trump Rally Tonight! OANN/RSBN

And you have to check out the crowd…

One of the biggest I’ve ever seen:

ALL TIME HIGH: Massive Crowds For Trump’s Historic PA Rally [VIDEOS]

Meanwhile, Joe can’t get 10 people (probably friends and family) to stand in those giant hula hoop circles!

Remember those?

Oh, but he got 81 million votes….riiiiiiight.

One of my favorite moments actually came before the event when this patriot was interviewed.

This is short but needs to be spread everywhere.

I learned a lot and I thought I was up to speed on most details:

Patriot Perfectly EXPOSES The Jan. 6 Lies! “Why Is Nobody Talking About This?”

You are a great patriot sir!

Next up….trigger alert!

There are many who still refuse to even consider this may be possible.

Sorry folks, but they just admitted it.

Read the quote the part I bolded for you in the article, quoted from The Guardian.

It’s all there in black and white: they are spraying large amounts of metals into the air.

Believe it or not, it’s happening:

Chemtrails Proven AGAIN! “Cloud Seeding” Now Admitted!

The cognitive dissonance of some people on this topics stuns me.

It’s literally Stockholm Syndrome.

They are poisoning the skies above us — the air that we breathe — and some mouthbreathers out there go to any length they can to defend it.

So sad.

Anyway, I continue to present the truth — and that’s the beauty of the truth, it exists whether 5% of you agree with it or not.

But I shouldn’t get too hung up on the people who can’t cope with it, I get it.

It’s a REALLY tough pill to swallow to red-pill yourself enough to accept that the “powers that should not be” are literally poisoning the air above us and the air we breathe.

Luckily, as of press time for this Newsletter, 83% of you see it loud and clear for what it is.

Smart group!

Ok, let’s keep moving…

This was very interesting for the Q fans out there:

Did Biden’s Hunger Games Speech Just Trip Another Q Marker?

How many times before it’s statistically impossible to just be coincidences?

And Joe Biden called all of us “violent extremists”.

I guess he forgot about this?

Democrats EXPOSED Calling For Extreme Violence In New Video!

Sure would be a shame if that video started to go viral.

And we end with our top story:

Many out there would say this is one of the King Pedos….now working with Pedo Peter?

Oh my….

Joe Biden Now Teaming Up With John Podesta!

Sick and disgusting.

That’s all for tonight.

Your friend,



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