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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 9/4/22



Hey friends,

Noah here and today is one of those days where I have WAY MORE to show you than I can possibly fit into one Newsletter.

It always happens that way on weekends and holidays…they love to bury big stories.

So I’m including a couple extra bonus articles tonight.

Let’s jump right in, starting with our lead story:

Country Star Jason Aldean Gets “Cancelled”

We’ve got your back Jason!

And how about this….Ivermectin vindicated again!

Turns out it’s exactly like we said all along: HIGHLY effective at treating COVID (and a lot of other things for that matter):

Ivermectin Vindicated (AGAIN) in Peer-Reviewed Study Showing 92% Reduction in COVID-19 Mortality, Marjorie Taylor Greene Demands Accountability

Fauci should be arrested for what he did to this country!

But I guess they don’t make enough money selling cheap Ivermectin huh?

No longer patented?

I guess that’s what it always comes down to, money and control.

Speaking of control, this is terrifying:

1984 REDUX: Twitter Flooded With Reports Of China Drones Terrorizing Citizens

Very sad news to report next:

High Profile CFO Reportedly Leaps To His Death In NYC From “Jenga Building”

And no, ghouls, he did not want to just “check out the Beyond section”.

Time and place, and it’s way too soon for that joke.

Although I gotta say, the way the Triple B treated Mike Lindell, I don’t think these comments were unmerited:

As always, you people are some of the funniest people around!

Speaking of MyPillow and the Triple B, this is what those comments are referencing:

Bed, Bath & Beyond TANKING! Closing 150 Stores 18 Months After Canceling MyPillow…

And hey, speaking of Mike Lindell, we also had this today:

Sale Of The Year: MyPillow’s Giza Dream Sheets And Percale “Cool” Sheets At Huge Discounts

Thanks Mike!

Please continue to give him your support if you need anything — and take advantage of the sale.

Next up is perhaps the most fascinating article of the day, although we have a lot.

This suddenly makes a lot of sense:

Clif High Explains Why Nancy Pelosi Refused Trump’s National Guard

And I continue to sound the alarm:  September and October look really bad, be on high alert!

Here’s the latest:

October 1, 2022 Bank Reset? Shemitah?

Be prepared!

Next, since all the “Fact Checkers” took the day off, I had to do this myself.

Here’s the truth:

FACT-CHECK: Trump Says Zuckerberg Came To See Him At The White House “Last Week”

And we end with our top story…

Will this be Trump’s new running mate?

Trump’s New Running Mate Picked? “He Definitely Likes Her”

I give you my thoughts on who I pick in the article.

And now I’d like to hear yours…

Who’s your top pick?

NATIONAL POLL: Who’s Your Pick For Trump’s New VP?

I’m really excited to see how that turns out.

Shoot me an email reply if your choice isn’t mentioned.

I’ll post the results tomorrow.

Your friend,



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