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WATCH: NBC Show “The Lost Symbol” Equates American Patriots to Nazis




The corporate media hates this country.

They hate the Founding Fathers, their principles, and freedom.

Sadly, every institution in the United States is corrupted by tyrants who want to see this country crumble.

That’s more obvious every day when you watch the filth on television.

From the creators of The DaVinci Code, the new NBC show “The Lost Symbol” took an egregious shot against the Founding Fathers’ slogans “Don’t Tread on Me” and “Unite or Die.”

The show equated these symbols of liberty and unity to Nazism.

Watch a clip from the show:

The pursuit of happiness enrages these Marxists.

Their attempts to brainwash citizens into feeling guilty for their individual freedoms are more glaring than ever.

They hate this country and its people.

Viewers were quick to point out the hateful, anti-American propaganda.


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