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Weekend Wrap Up! The Newsletter Returns! [From NOAH]



Hi everybody!

NOAH here and I have great news…..

The Nightly Newsletter is back!

After being “cancelled” for my conservative, political views I am proud to announce I’ve found a company that values FREE SPEECH (imagine that being revolutionary in 2021….but it is) and I’m back in business!

I have missed you all so much!

We should soon have everything all set up and that means the Newsletter will return to nightly delivery.

Please be sure to whitelist us, add this to your contact address book and always look for me if they try to put me in Junk or Spam.

Now here is the Weekend Wrap Up….everything you might have missed from the weekend.

First up, we now have the roadmap to charge Fauci:

War Crimes Prosecutor Lays Out Exact Blueprint to Prosecute Fauci!

And if you needed another reason to do so, here it is:

WATCH: 2012 Video Found of Fauci Admitted To Engineering Viruses!

And a great word from Nathan French that you all need to hear:

Nathan French: The LORD Told Me “I Am Not Done With 45!”

Then we have something so important right now as we fight not only the virus but the shedding vaxx:

SUPERCHARGING Your Immune System With C60

Dan Bongino has joined the American Freedom Tour….are any of you going?

I’d love to hear about it.

Dan Bongino Added To American Freedom Tour!

This was so awesome….you’d like this was fake but it’s not.

He really posed for this picture (and don’t miss the “Q” in the top left too!):

Biden Unknowingly Poses With Children Wearing Pro-Trump Gear

And we end with two wonderful messages….

The first from our President himself:

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “They Are Going to Decertify This Election!”

And the second from Lin Wood:

Lin Wood: Joe Biden Has Never Set Foot In The White House Of This Country!

Ok, that’s a wrap for now.

See you back here soon!

Your friend,



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