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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 6/6/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Thursday night Newsletter.

Wow, another absolutely WILD day….

Allow me to fill you in.

And to show you what I mean, we start with a story I never in a million years thought I’d have to cover when I started this 10 years ago:

Did Biden Just Take Another DUMP In His Pants?

Insane that this is actual news from this embarrassment of an “Administration”.

More like a Regime than an Administration.

But it went downhill from there, if you can believe that:

Joe Biden Appears Wildly Disoriented After Earlier Faux Pas With Macron

Then we have the Biden Regime conducting more lawfare and more election interference….

Here’s the latest:

ELECTION INTERFERENCE? Steve Bannon Ordered To Prison, Here’s When He Will Go Behind Bars

President Trump himself responded:

President Trump Responds To Judge Ruling Steve Bannon Must Report To Jail

Next up I have to address this:

You Don’t Have To Believe In Clones, You Just Need To See This…

Next is a surprise update from Loy Brunson!

I know you’re going to love this because so many of you keep asking me if I have an update on this and until today I did not.

But now I do:

Loy Brunson Declares 2020 Election Fight Isn’t Over: Supreme Court Case Could STILL Change Everything!

Next up we’re going off the grid a bit for something a bit down the rabbit hole….

Read at your own risk:

Project Looking Glass: “The Elite Panicked When They Saw The Future”

Friendly reminder about this….

We haven’t forgotten.

GARRRRY…..your time is coming and it ain’t going to be pretty when Trump gets back in office!

DON’T FORGET: SEC Chair Gary Gensler Was Clinton Campaign’s CFO During Russiagate Scandal!

Speaking of retribution, we have a major update to President Trump’s plans….and I agree with this 100%.

Quite frankly, I think he should have done this in 2016, but he tried to choose the higher road.

They didn’t let him.

Now this:

President Trump Prepping The Public For The Arrest of Hillary Clinton

Then we have ANOTHER bridge incident:

Yet Another Runaway Cargo Ship Threatens Bridge, This Time In South Carolina

Do they really think we’re this dumb?

That we wouldn’t notice?

My whole life I’ve never heard of barges and ships losing power and hitting bridges but now this is what, #3 just this year?


I don’t buy it as an “accident”.  None of them.

And we end with our top story:

REPORT: Trump Campaign Sends Vetting Paperwork to 7 VP Contenders — Here’s the List

All I can say is my top choice is not on this list.

What about you?

You think this is the real list or a decoy?

Your friend,



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