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Noah’s Newsletter – 10/8/21



Hey friends,

Happy Friday!

Hope you had an awesome week….I’m ready for the weekend, how about you?

And as I always say, they LOVE to bury big stories on a Friday afternoon when they think no one is watching.

But we are watching and you are reading!

So let’s dig in….

First up, more great work from Mike Lindell, can you believe this?

And 850 year old man voted in the 2020 election and Mike found it!

My joke has been he suddenly shifted to voting Democrat 750 years ago.

Mike Lindell: One Guy Who Voted Was 850 Years Old

We can laugh but it’s also absurd to see this stuff happening, isn’t it?

People need to go to prison!

And on that note:

When I Die, Please Don’t Let Me Vote Democrat!

Ok, speaking of Mike I want to take a second to ask you to please continue supporting him.

Christmas is coming really soon and his pillows, towels and pajamas make really awesome Christmas gifts!

You can take advantage of his sale here and get your Christmas shopping done early:

Support Mike Lindell By Getting Bedsheets (Finally Back In Stock!), Slippers and Even Art At

Ok, now moving on to the jab….

Huge news out today:

Iceland Stops Moderna Jab for EVERYONE


And bravo to this young lady, beautiful and smart apparently:

Miss World Netherlands Drops Out of Miss World Pageant Due to COVID-19 Jab Requirement

Now let’s talk Biden’s Jab Mandate….

Here come the lawsuits:

Here Come The Mandate Lawsuits….

I’m no constitutional law expert, but it seems HIGHLY unconstitutional and downright un-American to me!

Speaking of, many people are saying this….

That Biden’s Jab Mandate isn’t even real.

Has no power.

Never will.

Was just designed to intimidate and pressure and even he knows it isn’t going anywhere:

Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Isn’t Even Real…

Best news I’ve heard all day.

You know what that means: do NOT go get the jab just because you’re feeling pressure.

Wait until they literally force it into your veins.

Until then, hold the line!

Hold firm!

I’m right here with you.

In fact, tomorrow I’m going to bring you a major story of places who are hiring with NO jab mandate!

Stay tuned for that one.

Ok, that’s a wrap for tonight.

I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,


p.s.  only a couple hours left on our Freedom Friday shirt…..

$5 today only.

Don’t ya love it?

Some sizes already sold out, check availability here:


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