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Mike Lindell: One Guy Who Voted Was 850 Years Old



Arizona’s audit revealed some incredibly interesting pieces of info…..

Millions of deleted files, the apparent scrubbing of data and systems the day ahead of an audit, and questionable ballots which added up to roughly 4x the victory of margin for the entire state.

We have also seen reports of individuals being prosecuted for mail-in ballot fraud.

To this day, President Trump has still not conceded the 2020 Presidential election, and how could he, when we continue to see evidence not simply suggesting, but confirming voter fraud at this point.

Mike Lindell has been on the front lines since day 1, exposing the fraud nationwide for everyone to see.

His latest claims are that an 850 year old voted…….I know it sounds absurd, but honestly is anything too farfetched these days? Obviously no 850 year old person exists, but absurdities like this are what can be found on voter rolls today.

Here’s what he had to say:

Newsweek had more on his claim:

“I’ll give you an example today, 2650 people over the age of 100. Now you might say ‘well, that could be.’ 2000 of them were over 200 [years old]. Would you like to live in that state?

“They’re obviously deceased, but one guy was 850 years old.

“These are facts. You can get them from your own state’s thing,” Lindell added without clarifying what state or what thing people could use to check where these voters aged between 200 and 850 could be found.

Others cast doubt on what Lindell is saying.

Detractors point out that The United States didn’t even exist 850 years ago, but I think they miss the point here.

What Lindell is trying to point out is that voter rolls contain some truly absurd errors and outright fraud within them. Like dead people voting for example

Still, this did not stop the mockery from some on Twitter:

Raw Story claims that all of Lindell’s evidence is unfounded:

Mike Lindell has so far failed to prove his allegations of “voter fraud” in the 2020 election — and now Salon reporter Zachary Petrizzo brings word that the MyPillow CEO’s claims about election fraud are growing even more outlandish.

Lindell would not specify the names of the purported centuries-old dead people who voted, nor would he disclose the states they supposedly voted in.

GOD BLESS YOU MIKE, we’ve got your back 100%!

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