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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 10/11/22



Hey friends,

Noah here and I’m so glad you all enjoyed last night’s Newsletter!

We set a record for the number of stories reported, but I can tell you enjoyed it because it was our most viewed ever.

I won’t disappoint tonight, we have another loaded report!

We start with this gem:

Dan Scavino: “It’s about to get crazy // It’s about to go down…”

And I’m sorry but why in the world is this a story?

Sorry lady, I don’t care if you love to lick the puss, how about you just don’t suck at your job and that’s all anyone cares about?


Jean-Pierre Shares How She Came Out As A Gay During White House Briefing

And then we have a big one next…

Bo Polny told us all last month.

Some people mocked.

Some doubted.

Bo explained again last wee when he was on my show.

Today he is 100% proven correct.

In fact, Bo had the news before news had the news, if you catch my drift:

Bank of England: “You Have Three Days Left…”

Then we move to the borden and Biden’s total disaster:

The Fight to Secure the Border Just Got Interesting

Then we have our most viewed story of the day:

Huge Win: Judge Exposes Truth About FBI’s Trump Raid

And I love this idea:

A Republican Could Become Governor In This Deep Blue State

I really appreciate President Trump’s statement on this next one…

And I have to say I agree 100%.

How about you?

President Trump Clarifies Stance On Abortion

We continue to cover this story because it’s not going away…

And yes, it will 100% affect you here in America:

VERGE OF COLLAPSE: Bank of England AGAIN Takes Emergency Action!

This is very interesting:

REPORT: Do You Know How Many Times Martial Law Has Been Declared In The United States?

Huge news today from Tulsi Gabbard:

Tulsi Gabbard Exposes The “Elitist Cabal”

Do you support her move?

And we end with our top story from the Danchenko trial, Day 1.

Durham is NOT playing around:

Durham Update, Trial Day 1: Obstruction of Congress Now Confirmed!

I have a feeling each day from now until Midterms will continue to get more intense…

Stay with us for the best reporting!

Your friend,



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