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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 11/28/22



Hey friends,

Noah here with a stacked Monday night Newsletter!

We start with a call to all Homeschoolers:

Calling All Homeschoolers!

I’m sorry there is not much time left on this, but I hope you’re able to see it in time.

And thank you to everyone who has already commented saying how much they love this!

I hear you!

Ok, next up we go to Arizona for some fireworks…

We start here:

Kari Lake: Stop What You Are Doing And Watch This

Folks, if they thought we were just gonna roll over and let them steal it like they stole 2020, they would be wrong.

It’s not happening this time.

I truly believe this is the straw that broke the camel’s back.

THIS in particular, is outright treasonous, and I’m not using that word lightly:

Mohave County Certifies Election: “I Vote ‘Aye’ Under Duress!”

How can that EVER be permitted to happen in America?

This should be the end of it right here!

But that’s not all…

DOZENS of pissed of Arizonians took to the microphone today to lash out, and you need to hear this.

Each and every one of them.

See it here:

STEAL EXPOSED! Arizonians Pissed Off, Not Taking It Anymore…Not Backing Down!

Next is an update on a massive U.S. Supreme Court case I told you about a week ago that almost no one else is covering…

But you know how we operate around here….

We do our homework.

We do our research.

And this is 100% legit.

I include all sources and links to the website so you can see for yourself.

This is stunning and I have a huge update in the case today:

HUGE Update On “Miracle” SCOTUS Case!

Next up I have to do something fun…

It’s not too often that I do something totally off the wall, but I saw this today and I had a lot of fun with it.

A lot of your commented online when I posted it, but for those that haven’t seen it, write me back or leave a comment with your answer!

I’ll post the answer tomorrow and it just might surprise you!

I’ll tell you this: the most common answer is NOT correct…

That’s your only hint.

Big update next from Mike Lindell, who is planning to unseat Mitt Romney’s niece, Ronna Romney McDaniel.

Go Mike!

Mike Lindell Goes On Steve Bannon’s Show To Explain His Plans For The RNC

And then we have two incredible stories from the Biden Regime, errrrr I mean “Administration”.

First up:

White House “Disinformation Czar” OUTED As A Foreign Agent!

So he literally hired a foreign agent!

Where is the MSM covering this?

Should be front page news everywhere!

How is this even legal?

And if THAT isn’t the front page story, then this should be:

Top Biden Nuclear Official Charged, Faces Up to Five Years in Prison!

Kind of a toss-up for which is worse, although I think probably the first one.

Next up is something very scary, because the last time we had a story like this, 9/11 happened the VERY next day:

Not good folks, not good…

And if you want the details on the last time, I have that for you right here.

September 10, 2001:

FLASHBACK: Donald Rumsfeld On The Day Before 9/11: “We Can’t Account For a Missing $2.3 Trillion…”

And then something that will truly blow your mind if it’s not already maxed out from everything else…

You can’t tell me with a straight face that this is just a coincidence:

Is Elon Musk Running “Q”?

How many of these things need to happen before we say it’s no longer just a fluke?

Just a coincidence?

This one is pretty blatant!

But I’d love to hear your thoughts…

And speaking of your thoughts, please do two things before you go:

One: give me a Follow over on Twitter, I’m @DailyNoahNews — Follow here.

We’re adding a ton of people each day and it’s getting really fun over there now that free speech is back!

Two: please take a minute to answer this National Poll we’re running:


See you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



Your friend,



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