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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 12/4/21



Hi friends!

Noah here….hope you are doing great.

A really big Saturday night edition of the Newsletter coming your way right now!

Starting with this:

Did You Know MyPillow Comes With a TEN YEAR Warranty? Perfect Christmas Gifts!

Thank you to everyone who has supported Mike Lindell.

Now is the perfect time to pick up a few Christmas presents for friends and family.

With my code, you can save a ton of money and no supply chain issues!

Here is a real text I got from a friend just this morning who finally picked up some Giza Cotton Sheets on the Black Friday sale:

Note the time:  11:08 am!

But as I told him when I wrote back, yes they’re actually that good!  I don’t make this stuff up!

Grab some here on a huge discount.

Next up we have this:

Twitter Calls American Heart Foundation Website “Unsafe” For Linking mRNA Vaccine to Heart Inflammation

Man, how big of assholes do you have to be to do something like that?

Never mind, don’t answer that, Twitter seems to be taking it as a challenge!

Then we have my good friend Pastor Hank Kunneman with a big update:

Hank Kunneman: What God Is Saying About 2022

Always great to hear from Pastor Hank!

And this is certainly odd:

Is Biden’s Voice Being Automated?

Then we have this:

FOIA Records Show Epstein Visited Bill Clinton In White House 17x

We sure are learning a lot in this trial.

Bill, what was that all about?

Just “talking about the grandkids” right?


This next one will make you furious:

VAERS Update: 5-Year-Old Died 4 Days After Pfizer COVID-19 Jab

I can’t even imagine.

Parents, be wise and very, very cautious!

Please, I can’t warn you any more than I already do!

Also, I can’t shout about this any louder than I do….it works:

Bangladesh: Another Ivermectin Success Story

Then we have one of my personal favorites….

Isn’t this awesome?

New DISME Coin Is My Favorite Yet: “Trump: This Is What We Are Going By!”

Also makes a great gift!

Only a limited run will ever be made, so I apologize if they are sold out by the time you read this.

This is huge:

U.S. Court Orders Release of Pfizer COVID-19 Jab Data; Over 1,200 Recorded Deaths in the First 90 Days

And this, our top story, is even bigger:

Did WikiLeaks Just Dump All Their Files Online?

Oh my….

Here we go!

Happy reading.

Your friend,



Thank you for always supporting Mike and MyPillow!

Despite almost every big name store canceling his products, Mike Lindell’s business has not suffered losses due to patriots around the world still continue to buy his products.


Readers of WeLoveTrump can save up to 66% on purchases directly from!

Mike’s Egyptian Cotton sheets are the only sheets I will ever buy after trying them last year.

I just bought two more sets this morning to support this man.

And the towels are soft and actually work!  Imagine that!

If you want to buy ANYTHING from MyPillow, just use Promo Code “WLT (that’s WLT without the quotes) and you’ll get a huge discount applied to your purchase.

Here’s where you put it:

I’ve always told you….it pays to be Deplorable!

This special Promo Code benefits MyPillow, you and WeLoveTrump….it’s a win-win-win!

The only loser?  Deep State Big Retailers.



Let me know down in the comments if we missed any….

Oh and by the way, MyPillow makes the PERFECT Christmas Gift if you needed something for a family member.



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