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Truckers In North America Warn Of A Supply Chain Catastrophe



The Biden administration is facing pushback on all sides to their proposed vaccine mandate.

Recently we reported that large numbers of truckers threatened to quit if the administration levied vaccine mandates on them, but the threat seemed to fall on deaf ears.

The Biden administration has chosen to push for the trucking mandate at a time when America is in the midst of a supply chain crisis, and a shortage of truckers will simply exacerbate the situation even further.

However, critics see hope in the form of both The United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, and SCOTUS. The Fifth Circuit recently halted the regime’s mandate, and many are confident that SCOTUS will strike it down as well.

Here are the latest updates on the ongoing supply chain crisis:

Reuters reports:

“We know that there already is disruption in the supply chain; this is going to intensify it,” said Stephen Laskowski, president and chief executive of the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA), which represents some 4,500 carriers.

It estimates that 10-20%, or between 12,000-22,000 of Canadian truck drivers, and 40%, or some 16,000 of U.S. truck drivers traveling into Canada would be sidelined if the requirement begins.


Conservative Brief had more:

The Canadian requirement seems on pace to go into effect, but federal courts in the United States have blocked President Biden’s vaccine mandate for companies with 100 or more employees, though White House officials have continued to urge businesses to implement the requirement anyway.

“This is not a trucking issue. This is a Canada-U.S. economic issue,” Laskowski told Reuters, noting further that around 70 percent of C$650 billion ($507 billion) in U.S.-Canada trade moves by truck.


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