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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 2/3/22



Hi everybody!

Noah here with your Thursday evening Newsletter!

Big day!

We start with this:

Facebook Stock Plummets 20%

I do believe the prophets all said a huge fall was coming for Facebook and that android lizard Zuckerberg, do I have that right?

Do you remember that as well?

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!

Ok, now something that you’re gonna love:

President Trump Groundhog Day!

Man, this guy is good!

I always know something is great when multiple people all send it to me.

And then by popular request I have posted this again because some people lost it:

SAVED AND REPUBLISHED: Q and The Plan To Save The World

Next up, I am hearing we are VERY close to the “first arrest that will shock the world” and so I wanted to publish this again so it was fresh in your mind.

Hearing from my sources that it’s either BO or this…👇

What Was In Those Bush Sr. Funeral Envelopes? The “First Arrest” To Shock The World Revealed?

And a big update from Julie Green:

URGENT Update From Julie Green

Isn’t she awesome?

Speaking of awesome, this is what real journalism looks like and it’s high time we see a lot more of it:

REAL JOURNALISM: Reporter Actually Holds Elected Official Responsible, Will Not Back Down!

Great job by this reporter!

Not such a great job by this reporter here, but wow is Kari Lake awesome:

MUST SEE: ABC Tries To “Ambush” Kari Lake In Interview, Goes Very Badly For The Reporter!

And how evil can one person get?

Stop asking, Klaus Schwab seems to be taking it as a personal challenge:

ATTACK: Klaus Schwab Declares What Is Coming Next

Quite literally, this and will burn in hell for all of eternity, and I think he would tell you he’s proud of it.

Evil, evil stuff.

Next up, I can’t quite imagine anymore more unAmerican than this:

Washington State Moves to Criminalize Any Election Fraud Complaints or Questions

Can you?

I love this and I hope they do it:

Shut Down the Super Bowl? Some Truckers Planning Convoy on Super Bowl Sunday to Command Media Attention

Then we have a great update from Robin Bullock on FlashPoint:

Robin Bullock LIVE on FlashPoint!

So glad they had him instead of Hank Kunneman!

And a great update from Timothy Dixon:

Timothy Dixon: Prophetic White House Update // Tearing Down The Alters

I will go on record right now saying Robin Bullock and Timothy Dixon are two humble voices I trust, but Hank Kunneman has shown himself to be on the wrong side.

I am so disgusted about how he supported channeling evil spirits.

What a disappointment.

Oh, Hank….reminder that you have an open invitation to come discuss this on my show anytime you want, but of course you will not.

You’ll just keep ignoring and dodging because you actually think what Michael Flynn did was good.

Not me!

That is evil stuff and I want nothing to do with it.

And we end with our top story:

Senate Report Confirms At Least 9,000 Americans Abandoned in Afghanistan By Biden Regime

Ok, that’s a wrap.

See you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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