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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 6/5/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Wednesday night Newsletter.

Oh wow, what a night!

Let’s just jump right in because it is just one incredible story after another today!

Starting with this beauty:

​BREAKING: Georgia Appeals Court SUSPENDS Trump Trial!

That case is toast, completely falling apart!

I think it’s debatable whether they ever finish it but certainly now not before the election.

Another fail!

Ohhhh, so close Dems!

And another big win next up:

Trump Scores Big Win as Judge Cannon Approves Hearing on Jack Smith’s Legality

Next is something that I started to doubt myself on for a minute….

Thought maybe I was having my own mini little Mandela Effect moment.

But I wasn’t.

So I made a video to explain:

There Was Not A Single “Former President” Before Donald Trump

Then we have this….

So many of you emailed me today asking if this was true.

Heck, I myself wanted to know if it was true!

So I dug into it and here’s the straight answer:

FACT-CHECK: Did 37 Candidates Running Against Mexico’s New President Claudia Sheinbaum All Get Assassinated?

Next we go to Barron and Melania….and a live look in on how they are holding up after the Guilty Verdict:

Melania And Barron React To Trump’s Guilty Verdict

Then we have this:

Trump Fundraiser in California is SOLD OUT — $500K A Ticket!

At this rate, President Trump is going to win this election and have enough money left over to build TWO walls!

I love this next one….

It’s exactly like what I was telling you earlier this week:

KILLDOZER: One Man’s Rampage Against The System

Heads up here on this recall:

Four Popular Sodas Recalled By FDA After Being Linked To Cancer

And now we know what happened here:

American Idol Star’s Autopsy Released

Dang….that is NOT what I expected!

I didn’t even know you could truly die from that…..

And we end with our top story.

I keep warning you about this and for good reason.

Because this just happened today:

A Top 4 Bank JUST Freaked Out — “Major WARNING”

Ok my friends, that’s a wrap for today.

I am exhausted and hitting the sack.

See you tomorrow.

Your friend,



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